Moulin à café à meules coniques


Moulin à café à meules coniques PADERNO qui est l’ajout idéal à votre cuisine pour une expérience de café incomparable, sans sortir de chez vous.

  • Contrôle précis de la taille de la mouture et de la quantité du café avec 30 réglages, de grossière à très fine
  • Trémie à grande capacité qui peut contenir 340 g (12 oz) de grains de café et peut moudre assez de grains pour un maximum de 12 tasses de café à la fois
  • Meules coniques en acier inoxydable qui broient uniformément les grains pour assurer une saveur uniforme et une infusion parfaite
  • Cadran de contrôle dynamique à microréglage de la durée de mouture par incréments de 0,1 seconde pour une quantité précise de café
  • Écran dissimulé lorsqu’il n’est pas allumé.
  • En acier inoxydable noir
  • Fièrement conçu au Canada
  • Garantie limitée de 2 ans*

Détails techniques
  • Precise control of grind size
  • 30 settings from coarse to extra fine
  • Large capacity hopper holds 340 g (12 oz) of coffee beans and grinds enough for up to 12 cups of coffee at one time
  • Stainless steel, conical burrs uniformly crush beans
  • Dynamic Control Dial micro-adjusts grind duration
  • Secret-Until-Lit display
  • Black stainless steel construction
  • Designed in Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Bearface Gibson
E-3 Alarm chronic problem

Right from brand new out of the box - constant E-3 alarm shutdown

Third machine had the E-3 code after two weeks.

I’m back with my second review!
Returned third machine in two years. Worked for only one week this time. Luckily I was still within the two year warranty. Exchanged it for a Cuisinart. I know it will be louder but it should last longer.

Third machine in 2 years!

Two years ago we splurged and bought the most expensive coffee grinder we could find at Canadian tire hoping this would last us many years. After 11 months we had the E-3 code every time we would use it. CT replaced it with a new machine, now less than a year later we have the same E-3 code again.
It was within the 2 year warranty so today we took it back and got our third machine. Hopefully this ones is a keeper.

bhronwyn hill
Error prone

Worked great for around three months, then began to repeatedly get E-3 errors even after a thorough cleaning as per the manual. Now I can’t get it to work for more than four seconds directly after cleaning the machine without the error message. Very disappointed as this was a birthday gift.

Second One - Now E-3 Error

So… I wrote a review about how our grinder did not work at all. My husband returned it but instead of coming home with a different brand grinder (insert eye roll) he returned with a replacement of the same one. Granted, it actually worked! And the parts on it moved differently which led me to believe Canadian Tire had put a broken and returned one back on the shelf. Nevertheless, I was cautiously optimistic and it worked like a dream for a week (quiet, evenly ground to perfection!)…then the dreaded E-3 error every negative review talked about. It’s a real thing, folks. You can “clean it according to instructions” all day long and it won’t help. The E-3 will NOT go away. It is clearly a coding flaw and Paderno needs to address it because at this point unless I come across a product with only 5 star reviews and no negative ones - I will never be buying an electronic Paderno product again.