Montgomery Fully Forged 14-Piece Knife Block Set

The PADERNO Montgomery Fully-Forged 14-Piece Knife Block Set is thoughtfully designed for optimal durability, professional use, and classic style. Fully forged from German stainless steel, the knives are beautifully balanced for performance and comfort. The blades are crafted with a precise edge for effortless cutting and long-lasting sharpness.
Technical Details
  • Designed for optimal comfort and performance
  • NSF certified knives, honing steel and shears for use in commercial kitchens
  • Three-stage sharpening process
  • Long-lasting cutting performance
  • Tempered, hardened German stainless steel blade
  • Fully forged from single piece of German stainless steel for durability and stability
  • Rounded spine with smooth edges for comfort while cutting
  • Ergonomically contoured bolster for a comfortable grip
  • Full-tang, 4-rivet construction for improved balance
  • FSC certified maple wood block
  • Designed in Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

Very sharp with a good feel

Jan B
Paderno knife set

The knives are outstanding! Super, super sharp. The knife block is a very narrow footprint leaving lots of counter space. The handles on the knives are super comfortable and balanced allowing a very efficient way to slice and dice. The shears are amazing and can cut through chicken bones with ease. The steak knives are super sharp and cut through meat like a warm knife in butter. I only wish that I had these knives my entire life!!

Quality is what you are buying

Beautiful knives cannot express how much I enjoy using them daily.

Deb Campbell Hunt
Paderno Montgomery Knife Block Set 14-pc

These knives hold their sharp edges and slice through hard vegetables like butternut squash with little effort. The blade runs all the way through the handle making for a very firm quality product. We have used Henckel knives for years Paderno are better in my opinion

Good steel, Cheap handle

I like Paderno products and I bought these knives a few weeks ago with great hope but unfortunately, they greatly disappointed me. I have no problem with the blades, and actually I like their sharpness and the edge curve very much. Of course, I have not worked with the blades long enough to comment about the steel quality but all together they seem very fine. But the handles are a different story, a huge failure. Mostly I used the chef knife and in my experience First, the handle look very cheap. Second, apparently, the handle is designed for smaller hands (female hands probably) so if you have bigger hands, it is not easy to work with them at all. Finally, and most importantly the handle has no grip, and if your hand is slightly wet or oily it would be really hard to work with the knives. Imagine using a very sharp knife while your hand is feeling slippery and uncertain, it is not a pleasant mental experience that I didn't have even with my old cheap Henckel knives.