Classic Non-Stick Cast Iron Jumbo Cooker, 4.8 Qt

The PADERNO Atlantic Blue Cast Iron 4/7 L Braiser is designed with a unique squircle shape for exceptional cooking performance and ease of handling, with a durable enameled cast iron construction that will make it a kitchen staple for years to come.
Technical Details

- Durable cast iron construction
- 4.6 L (4.8 Qt) capacity
- Premium PFOA-free non-stick coating
- Tempered glass, tight-seal lid with easy-grip, soft-touch knob, retains heat and moisture for steaming
- Beechwood handle provides a comfortable grip when serving and pouring
- Dimpled honeycomb cooking surface traps oil, preventing food from touching and sticking to the bottom of the cooker, improving cooking performance
- Proudly designed in Canada
- Compatible with all stovetop types, including induction

Care Instructions

- Hand wash only
- The cast iron body has a rust-resistant coating. To maintain the rust-resistance of the rim, lightly season it with canola oil or a similar cooking oil after each wash.
- Limited lifetime warranty [link to warranty page]

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews

The best non-stick pan Ive ever bought. Dont let the cast iron scare you, this pan is easy to adjust to. Its cooks very evenly and all you have to do is cook at a lower temperature. Its very easy to clean.
I would highly recommend if youre in the market to switch up your pan.

Great Pan For Big Meals

This pan is great for large meals. I can make a stir with leftovers for the next day 5 people.

The design is eye catching. The pan appears very durable. The seasoning out of the box is great.

Great Pan For Large Meals

This pan is amazing. It is heavy (in a good way) makes for great heat retention and even cooking. Excellent for stir frys.

Andrea 87378
Perfect for the home cook!

I love this cooker and its the perfect addition to the kitchen. There is great heat distribution because of the dimpled honeycomb surface. It feels expensive because of the nice beechwood handles. Which are also quality wood. I like the size of the cooker, and that it comes with a lid.

Excellent quality

This frying pan is excellent, the non stick coating actually works and it is very easy to clean. Heats evenly for proper cooking