Precision Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Make iced coffees, teas, macchiatos, lattes, and more with the PADERNO Precision Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Proudly designed in Canada with a stainless steel infuser designed for brewing coffee or tea, while the high-volume infuser can be removed without taking the lid off to reduce mess and clean easily. With precise measurement markings on the carafe for a perfectly balanced cup of cold brew coffee.
Technical Details
  • Coffee Maker
    Stainless steel infuser is designed for brewing coffee or tea
    High-volume infuser allows for the perfect balance between water and grounds for ideal concentrate
    Infuser can be removed without taking the lid off to reduce mess and clean easily
  • Precise measurement markings on carafe provide a perfectly balanced cup of cold brew coffee
  • Lid with rubberized seal to keep coffee fresher longer
  • Silicone base provides added protection and a soft landing
  • For hot or cold drinks
    Proudly designed in Canada
    6-cup capacity
Care Instructions
  • Dishwasher safe

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ok but 2 issues remove its intended function

Its a great idea but mediocrely executed. 2 critical issues: 1) the top cap does competely seal. The area of the pouring spout is where there is a gap. This could have been fixed by making deeper cap. 2) the filter is not a fine mesh filter. So unless you course grind your beans and sift out any fine coffee powder, you will always end up with fine grounds in the coffee. This defeats the purpose of having an integrated filter. You still have use a paper coffee filter to filter out the fine grounds. For the price you pay for this, the filter should definitely be a fine mesh filter not a standard filter. Otherwise its just an expensive pitcher.

Cold Brew at home - easy

We are now making delicious cold brew at home, saving money over going out for it! Really good and easy to make and keep in the fridge for when you crave iced coffee.

Easy to to make cold coffee

Great price and love Cold brew especially on warm day


My Boyfriend and I have discovered cold brew coffee this pass summer. We first were buying at stores, then I decided to invest in a cold brew machine to save money. I found this cold brew coffee maker on sale for about $30 and took a chance, I'm glad I did it is a well used and well loved cold brew coffee maker. It is not quite air tight, some does come out the top when pouring. I also haven't found the perfect course grind on the beans yet, but I'm working on it. Only reason why I mentioned the grounds is because I find some grounds have been seeping through and end up in the brew. I would 100% recommend buying this cold brew coffee machine, but wait until it is on sale, as full price is pricey.